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Hey guys!
I have a Giulietta 1982 2.0L and I really need assistance with a mechanic(s) that can provide me with quotations and that are willing to help fix her up, as she had been stolen.She was returned as a wreck and the cops are taking MUCH too long. I really am in serious need of help as the car has MAJOR sentimental value to me as it was given to me.
The possibilities are that it seems as if the gaskets are messed up, carburettors are messed up, the electronics are blown and I don't know what the state of the engine might be in ..The entire car is just a complete wreck and I need some body work done as well as it seems as if the car was in a minor accident as well.
I really love this car, so please guys, ANY professional help would suffice!
I stay in Cape Town.
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