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this makes total monkeys of Hypermarket Groups Autoevolution who insisted the recent delays were due to a story they believed and published anyway that Giulia failed FCA's internal front , side and rear crash tests

the dissection of an internet rumour disguised as "facts" ...conveniently referring to so called "private internal tests" that couldnt be substantiated as there would be no independent witnesses, how creative

Autoevolution you have been BUSTED
just as your sponsor was busted for lying as well

here is the original "article"

UPDATE: 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Development Postponed Due to Crash Test Failures

"UPDATE: An FCA spokesperson told Road&Track that Automotive News' report is "not accurate or representative at all," without offering any details whatsoever about the matter. The spokesperson also told that the US-spec Giulia in QV form will begin production late in the second quarter of 2016. The truth of the matter is FCA is still reluctant to explain why Alfa Romeo's original business plan got delayed by two years"

so just make some bull**** up eh ? SHAME SHAME lying SHAME

you cant go from "miserably failing" to best in class with 98% in just 6 months
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