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I made some DIY improvements on my gearlever and tail to reduce a significant amount of play.

2 bushings were modified to reduce side and forward movement play.
Wider bolt through the main bushing, also with some teflon tape and grease wrapped around it to reduce it further. Here there was about 1.5mm of play between the long bolt and bushing(8) and this of course is amplified further up the stick.
Managed to get a 6.35 mm bolt, wrap it with teflon and pack it with teflon grease to create a nice snug fit.

Also on the tail I had 5mm of play either side of the inserted rubber mounting.
Going into 5th you could really feel the movement.
I found some large 5-6mm rubber washers and glued them to the original mounting to reduce this play.

Hopefully will test it on the road next week.
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