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Im hoping that someone can give me a little advice. I have a bit of a dilemma. Last year I got myself a 2001 JTD Sportwagon and I love the car. There are quite some miles on it and I expected to have to put some money into it. But today things have just gone a little too far.

A couple of days ago I was driving the car through town when suddenly I just couldn't get it into 1st gear ... Or any gear. I managed to get it in eventually and drove in second until I could park up.

So, parked up and with the engine off, I could put the clutch down and work my way through the gears no problem. Engine on and from neutral, no go getting it into a gear. Turned the engine off, and then put it into first and started the engine... I could drive but not change gears.

I had to get the car towed to a garage.

After some reading I discovered that I might be lucky and it could just be the slave cylinder, or the break fluid is low.

I got the call today. "hope you are sitting down" was the first words the guy at the Alfa garage said to me.

They reckon that its not the slave cylinder and that they will have to take the gearbox and clutch out to see what the problem is. They are guessing that it is some plate... Or maybe the whole gearbox needs to be changed. The guy was pretty vague. Though he was quite clear on the cost I was looking at .. €1,700 (I live in the Netherlands) .. 600 just for labour.

The thing is I'm a new Alfa owner and I'm no mechanic. If there is anybody who can offer a bit of advice I would appreciate it greatly. I am going for a second opinion next week. Then I will see if I should just put her down.... The car cost me €2,500 and I've already spent quite a bit on it.

For some reason I get the feeling this garage I'm using might not be 100% straight up... But maybe that's just wishful thinking here.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.
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