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Hi guys, thought i'd share my gearbox nightmare.

Gearbox was making weird noises 4 weeks ago so I got it towed to the mechanics, they completly pulled it apart and told me the oil had never been changed and it had turned into a paste, (mind you i paid $1000 for a service 2 months ago so they screwd me!)

and showed me the teeth had broken and almost every tooth was bent snapped or worn down, i am still at amazement that this could happen to a 5 year old car.....

anyway see pix below, you can see bottom left the broken teeth on the big gear.

Lucky i found a brand new gearbox, and clutch for $2000 of a friend, well not new its done 10,000kms but that's basically brand new.

Also all the labour is only costing me $480 is it just me or is that very cheap! another place quoted me $900 just to remove the gearbox.... hmmm
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