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Dear GearBest Customer

We would like to extend our very Warmest Wishes to you and your loved ones this Festive Season.

We feel honored that so many new customers have joined our community this year. The reason we’re reaching out to you is to explain an established policy of ours: at the end of every calendar year, each customer’s unused GB Points automatically expire and reset to 0.

We’ve made two small changes this time round:
● Only GB Points earned before OCT 31 will reset; points earned after that will not be lost.
● Deadline has been extended to MAR 31, 2016.

So if you have GB points earned before OCT 31, this is a (very friendly) e-mail reminding you to please use them up as soon as possible! Your points can be used to buy products, awesome gifts and personal treats at even lower prices than ever.

BE FAST: Fly like the Millennium Falcon and take advantage of your remaining GB points and coupon with our Christmas Gift Countdown.

Thank you for shopping with us in 2015! We look forward to provide you with even more sweet special offers, cool gear and the best customer service throughout Christmas and beyond. Be sure to use your points and 10% OFF coupon and see you in 2016!

Happy Holidays
All Gearbest Staff
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