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Hello all,

I'm looking to install the gateway 100 into my alfa 159 found here: Alfa Romeo ice>Link Gateway 100 | Dension ice>Link Plus iPod Car Kit | iPod Car Kit Direct

I want to still be able to control the songs through the ipod and not the stereo cd's changer buttons because of this i'd use the active cradle and not keep my ipod in the glove box.

Where would be the best place to feed the wire out from the back of the stereo into the active cradle? Has anyone done this install before?

Thank you in advance.

Bearing in mind I'm a lazy boy when it comes to
chasing wires:

Once you've pulled the panel I've X'd,
you can pull the cable through at any point
along the green line.

If you come out between the two surrounds
(red line) you can wedge the cable between
the two half of the surrounds and make a good
quick job of it. If you play the cable right you
can butt it up against the surround/aluminium
and you wouldn't notice it.

Are you sure you want to use that bracket?
I fitted one and it left an unsightly bulge in the surround
and it can mark/deform the aluminium console
insert. :(


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