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Fuse box relays.

The fuses are all neatly labelled in the fuse box but the relays are not labelled.

The Yellow relays are for main lights.
Some of the greys for Fogs.
The big blue one is for indicators.
The red one ??????
The big grey one ?????

I worked these few out when I got the car by touching the relays whilst flicking the switches.

My dad had a fault on a Nissan once when he lost his lights, would have been nice to know what did what at the time so I could have saved him the expense of going to dealer and fixed it myself.
Turned out to just be a relay. Decided to find out which were which on my Alfa incase of similar problem. I mean its easy to get a fault and blame it on dodgy Italian wiring only to find its just a relay.

Might be nice if someone with a manual or even a parts CD could fill in the details for us all and what all the relays do.

Parts Fiat A727 509 ?
Fiat A727 511 ?
Fiat A727 438 ?

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the large grey relay(looks like a double relay)should be for the cenral locking im not sure about the red one.!!

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I now realise this was a bit of a silly question. I got out my 155 Manual. Never looked at it in the past 4 years. Its a real wealth of information.
Its got all the realays labled in there. Realise now that some of the relays and the fuses are under the bonnet too.
I thought I knew quite a lot about the 155, but Id always been woried about the imobilizer system. If I ever got a flat battery and needed to reprogram the keys or if I ever had an electrical problem. Still got that plastic card with the magic codes on. Never realised what it was for. Theres a lot of good info in there.

Fuses and relays differ between models but the main board is the same on them all except 2.0 16v. There man be a second fuse box hidden beside the first and 2 others under the bonnet.

The RED relay is for wipers.
On left side the relays are as follows:
Wipers RED
Parking lights.
Door lock+ECU
Heated rear window timer.

Right side
Hazards/indicators (Blue)
Rear fogs
Front Fogs
Low beam
Main Beam
POwer excluder on engine start.

Its too much to right any more. 2.0 16v is similar but some extra relays.
Anyway its all in the book.
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