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All, here are the details,a forum glitch means no attachments at the moment so please print this post, join us for a brilliant day out:) and make a difference!:thumbs:
Just to let you know the prize fund now includes, 2 tickets for Donington motor museum, a 380bhp EVO drive or a 510bhp Ferrari 430 scuderia passenger ride (your choice:)), 2 bottles of wine and a free synthetic oil change plus 1 litre top up from Alfa Technico.

BUT please rember, if the funds that Lewis needs aren't raised his chance of survival remains at only 20%, if they are raised it goes up to over 80%,he's not even 5years old yet... it's as stark as that.

Please RSVP on the EVENTS forum, heres a link to it

Here is a link to the Lewis Mighty Fund, please watch the video.
The Lewis Mighty Fund - Home


The answers to the 5 questions below are all to be found at the locations.
Print out this sheet and bring it with you, (spare copies will be available on the day).​

1.We meet at 11am in Tissington, Derbyshire, post code DE6 1RA, just park up outside Tissington Hall and we’ll answer any questions regarding the route.

Q1- What events are regularly held at Tissington Hall?

2.The next location is The George , Alstonefield, post code DE6 2FX approx10 minutes from Tissington.

Q2- Which mythical creature is featured on the painting at the front of the George public house?

3.The next location is the village of Grindon (no post code just type it in) approx 15 minutes from Alstonefield, the Grindon road incorporates some amazing switch backs!

Q3- What is the name of the church in Grindon?

4.The next location is Ilam , (no post code just type it in), approx 10 minutes from Grindon

Q4- Which famous Derbyshire hotel is signposted from Ilam?

5.The next location is Dovedale , it’s well signposted from ILAM, at Dovedale we park up and there is a 25yard walk to find the final answer and hand your answer sheet in, we will also break for a quick coffee here, then its back to Tissington for the prizes to be awarded

Q5- Who is the water gauging station at Dovedale named after?
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