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Steed at speed... I'm impressed. A little 147kW 1.8 engine pushing a big fat heavy car to this speed!
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Ital, yes through and through! Loved it since 2005 but didn't like the previous look with the wheels not filling the arches enough. When the new generation was introduced I bought one immidiately and was also immidiately surprised by the ride, handling, braking and overall quality. I'm so glad I didn't settle for a G a year earlier. Most of my friends who bought Giuliettas, have now bought Ti's...

I got a PM from MP over the weekend. It is amazing how much can be gained from doing relatively little! And them people say Alfas are not tunable! :wow:

I'd like to have one or two power mods done but will need to do some research first.
Are you insulting me, Ian? I drive a G, you know...
Just kidding, bru!
I can understand your affinity for the 159. Its a sleek, handsome sedan from any angle.. My neighbour owns a fairly new tbi in dark blue. Yesterday a black 159 ti with black mags was parked outside my flat. Stunning! I had to take a pic of it. It had GP plates.
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