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lately, i can smell what feels like fuel (or oil) out of the car (2004 Alfa GT 1.9JTD) as well as inside the cabin. there are a lot of threads, which points out the problem as fuel filter, which is possibly the case with me too, but just wanted to get your ideas. it is especially stronger inside, when the air conditioning is on.

i don't see anything dripping under the car, but the part in the bottom of the fuel filter seems to be a bit wet, as the attached picture would show. i read, trying to tighten it might be a first step, but i am not sure how an inexperienced hand can reach and play with it among all those pipes around.

i removed the engine cover to see if there are leaks somewhere else, but couldn't see something massive. only the tiny pipe (what exactly is it) shown in the other picture seems to have some grease on it, too. also, i realized that, where it touches the metal pipe above is a bit eroded. so, i tried to wrap a bit of duct tape around it to ease the effect, but scared that it might melt because of engine heat or something. anyways, that pipe looks a bit fragile and soft, is that normal?

thanks in advance.


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