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well that's good so far.
Now you need to test for spark normally at one of the spark plugs (again, hold the plug threads to the head to ground it whilst your son cranks the starter)....that means the dizzy is working at least even if not correctly.
It is useful to have a spare used sparkplug at hand, saves you undoing a plug each time....or get a cheap spark tester for your toolkit.

No spark at the leads then something inside the dizzy (cap or rotor) is bad, or contact breaker points screw came loose so they are not being opened/closed by the cam on the shaft....or something else...just for fun try turning the rotor - hopefully it does not turn (a little wiggle left and right is ok, but you shouldn't be able to turn it around, or your dizzy shaft has sheared).....check carefully where the kinglead from the coil goes into the centre of the cap....if that looks green or corroded, it needs cleaning.

If something inside the dizzy does not look right to you let's see a photo.

If you do get spark at the leads, let us know
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