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Hi :)

Got myself a great 1.4MA Guiletta last year and never had a problem.

Until about a month ago, the fuel injector symbol (yellow sort of pipeish) started flashing and the engine performance went to hell.

However, stopping the car and turning the engine over again seems to fix the issue.

I took it to the local fiat dealership and annoyingly they told me they couldnt get it to fault at all when they tried it and there were no codes to read using their diagnostic machine. They said i could keep it there another day and they could try but it would have been another £60 cost for diagnostics, so i took it home.

Drove it to exeter and back in the same day, about 350 miles in toto on Shell Vpower and no issues.

Got them again this morning, pulled over and used a friends tiny cheap diagnostic machine which again showed no bloody codes.

Any ideas?
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