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FS (SOLD): Zender GTV Rear Spoiler/Wing

This is the last item I'll be selling for a bit now most likely, a Zender Rear wing for an Alfa GTV.

Purchased new last December on eBay with the intention of fitting at some point in the future as at the time I was keen on buying a GTV in the future. Things changed though since and I ended up getting a GT 3.2 as my next project. Whatever happens after I won't need the spoiler anyway as I have come to prefer the way the GTV looks without it personally so this will just take up space which I could do with freeing up and getting a bit of cash back.

Comes with the screws/mounts/new boxed rear light reflector and ready to be painted. While the spoiler is new there are some presumably factory markings/cosmetic defects. The original packaging is gone however I have a box it will all go in for postage.

I do have it advertised on eBay however I want it gone soon so on here I'll do it for £180 posted to the UK. SOLD.
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