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This retro/classic Alfa is in fine order and holds an MOT until June. It has the 12v Busso V6 3 litre engine with around 190bhp, making it a reasonably rapid car even compared to newer machines. The 164s were galvanised on the lower half so they are not particularly prone to rust, and this example has very little, with just a couple of bubbles on on arch which has been rubbed down and touched in.

Pretty much all the electrics work, the rear windows do not but the fronts are fine (on all three control buttons), all the lights and wipers etc work as they should - there is no electrical gremlins with this car to worry about. The heater control panel - as rare as it is, actually works on all settings, as does the rear demister and inbuilt clock.
It was originally fitted with electric blue velour interior. The car can come with either this, or a good condition set of facelift black sports leather if you prefer.

It drives straight, pulls up straight, and has no suspension or brake issues. It was serviced recently and also has had a replacement clutch, water pump and cam belt, taking care of all the medium term maintenance requirements. The wheels are ACW 17" Split rims, fitted with 205/45/17 tyres which have plenty of tread.

The mileage is reasonably low at just over 90k, and all the instruments work faultlessly.

This is really a superb car and deserves to be re-homed with another enthusiast. £1285
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