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Hi all, new to the forum as I am now trying to fix my car rather than keep forking out for every little thing that goes wrong with my Giulietta. My latest problem is that I have an EOBD warning light, Nothing new there but my fault reader cant read the code, but it can reset it!

I can switch the car into D and rev it all day but I pull away, barely move and the light comes back on.

So far I have had the MAF out and cleaned that and had a look at the air filter, a bit oily but nothing excessing. Having refitted the MAF I drove about 3 miles with no warning and went home. My next journey lasted about 30s before I was back in limp mode.

I have also noticed today that I have a flat spot at about 2000rpm up to 2500rpm ish. If I avoid this range in any gear the car seems fine.

I am expecting an EGR valve clean or change as this seems to happen on any car I buy but any help or hints would be appreciated.

The car is a 2010 Giulietta 2.0 JTDM2 170 with 73000 on the clock.
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