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frustrated of salford!

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hi all!

my 156 2.0 jts is driving me to distraction, but that's about the only place it's going just now!

was browsing the threads and i'm not sure if i should be relieved or alarmed that everything wrong with my car appears to be a fairly common fault!

I've got the dreaded "motor control failure" warning, and the car is mis-firing all over the place, and the gearchange has suddenly decided to seize up, sometimes needing both hands to get a gear!

I'm dreading the thought of taking it to main dealer, partly because of the cost and partly because half of them seem totally incompetent, judging by people's experiences on here! The default answer from them seems to be "needs a new ecu, that'll be £600 please!"

Firstly, does anyone know of a good independent specialist in the manchester area?

One common suggestion to fix the mcs gremlins seems to be to disconnect the battery and allow the ecu to reset and/or replace the battery? Has anyone tried this successfully?

As for the gearchange, a replacement rubber bush in the linkage seems to be a more palatable solution to a replacement transmission system! Again, any experiences?

many thanks

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Hello and Welcome !! :)

Hope you get your problems sorted soon Jools !! ;)

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Welcome to AO :)
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