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OK if I've done this right there should be a picture here...

For the life of me I can't remember where I got the pic from - it was on some website, but I really like the front spoiler that's attached to the bumper. My question is whether or not this spoiler is available to buy anywhere?

When I first saw the picture I thought the car itself was a race car - the front spoiler looks very much like that fitted on the 1995 BTCC cars, and the headlights are the twin lamps, rather than the normal factory items.

However, what makes me wonder is the fact it still has its foglights and headlight washers, plus the bumper still has the black rubbing strip and in no photo can I find touring cars with these three items.
Further clues are the wheels - a race car has a single big nut, not four bolts like on this car and ours; the wiper - on a race car a single wiper is typically parked in the centre; the towing ring looks normal - on a race car its usually further up on the bumper, plus it has what looks to be a registration plate.

If this is a modified road car would anyone out there know where that front spoiler might have been sourced from? In other posts I have seen people being referred to Prodrive who ran Alfas in the 95 BTCC - I have had a look at their website but I can't find an email link. If anyone has an email address for them it'd much appreciated.
I am looking forward to getting a front spoiler but so far my options are either the DTM style from Lester, which resembles the Silverstone spoiler and is a little too subtle for my liking, or the massive Hormann spoiler that resembles that fitted to the ITM V6Tis, which I feel is too big.

Any ideas where I might find a spoiler like the one in the pic? Thanks in advance.


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a long shot here...

how about getting the smaller subtle spoiler.. then modifying it yourself... some cataloy/fibreglass strangds and paste and make sommit unique to your own tast and more similar to what you want... i'm gonne be making me a boot spoiler soon - i'm not one to make things easy and like the idea of a challenge.


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Eric that's fantastic! I checked out the sites and got the name of the company GAP-Rego. They look like a Japanese tuning firm - I think I've seen a Silverstone plastered with their name around too. Did a bit of a search and found reference to a website but it doesn't appear to be operating. I shot off an email to the address listed so we'll see what happens. Cost is around £320. That's definitely it though, there's another pic of the same car above taken from a different angle.
I might email this Alfaphile character too, he seems to know a lot of people with nice rides.
Cheers, and thanks again.
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