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Hi everyone!
I have another problem with my 33 Imola...
Some 2 weeks ago the front lights sometimes used to stay on even after turning off the car and lights switch....yesterday the lights went off and I still have no lights at all when I turn the key on (both positions)!!!:mad:

I think it could be the lights relay, but only if I knew where is located...!
Please, can anybody tell me where the relay is, or if it's not the relay what could be the problem???
The fuses are OK.
and than again with Italian electrics ...:eek::p;)


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Italian electrics on the imola are actually Bosch so.... its again with the German electrics :p

Sounds like its a shorted relay problem.
If you dont know how to check a relay the easiest way is to take them out - from the fusebox not the engine bay - one by one and see what happens. There should be one for the fog lights, one for the normal lights, one for horn and one for hazard lights. Central locking, air condition and fuel pump relays are located elsewhere.
So if you turn all these on and take out relays you can do the canceling method.

You can also change one with the other. Take one that you know it works, just make sure to check if its an 87a or 87b relay and change with the same kind.

Last , if the lights stay on again , and the relay is shorted, it could be a bit hot !
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