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How easy is it to remove the front grill on 1994 car ????? I need to get in behind the grill, but it looks like I have to remove the front bumper to get the grill off. I'm probably a fool (just like the wing mirror removal) for not being able to work this out !!!


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Sorry hit return by accident.

First remove the black covers over the light assembly to access the screw holding in each indicator, on both sides. Unscrew this central screw, and gently remove the indicator out thru the front, but be careful, there are two little plastic legs on the housing, next the headlamp, which acts like a spring, easily broken.

Once the indicators are removed, the front strip between the bumper and the grille is next. On the inside of the front wing, in the ope left by the indicator, there is a small nut and washer holding the strip onto the wing. Once removed, the strip is now held in to the grille housing. The strip can be removed from the grille by gently pulling, as it is secured by two push - in style connectors.

To remove the grille itself, unscrew the 4no. screws accross the top of the engine bulkhead (just behind the shield), and lift up the metal catch holding the grille in the straight position.

After this, the grille is now only held on by two more push-in connections. Firmly grip and pull the grille out at each side towards youself, hopefully without any breakages along the way.

Best of Luck,

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Hi Marlon,

D Guil has it spot on. Just follow his instructions and you won't go wrong. It isn't a big job at all. I took mine off when I fitted a colour coded grille in place of the chrome one on my wide body Super

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