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I'm wanting to clear a couple of things. Free, if you can collect from London W7, otherwise P&P cost only.

I can't sell 'em for reasons that I'll explain.

1. I have a GROM USB2Plus with Bluetooth Dongle which may (or may not) work.

This is an adaptor and bluetooth connector, like the Connect2.

It came with my car (147) in 2015, and the previous owner said it was a bit flaky with his iPhone. It was fine with my Android and then I changed my phone and it would work at times, for hours, and then the next time I couldn't select the GROM/CD changer on the radio. It always paired fine, and stayed paired. Just sometimes it couldn't be selected.

You can use the Grom app (Dashlinq) or any A2DP player, and can play anything your phone can - podcasts, internet radio, MP3, streaming services, phonecalls, GPS directions etc. I liked how it worked when it did, since it used the steering wheel controls, and a simple single plug to where the CD changer had been. Sound quality was very good. It was just exasperating that the radio often couldn't see the GROM unit.

I upgraded the firmware, which made no difference, and checked the loom. I also had a look inside but could see no obvious problem like a dry solder joint...

I was never able to work out whether it was my radio, the software, a defect or my phone, or some combination causing the problem.
I gave up, stuck it in a box and it's sat there ever since.

I bought a GROM BT3 which works fine, but there's something else that happens which suggests it might be my head unit that is a bit mad. With the BT3, when I select it, the head unit goes to CD-changer, then Long Wave!. If I select CD-changer again, it selects and stays on the right input. I can live with that, and have for a year or so.

If you want the USB2Plus, it's yours for the cost of P&P, or collect from London W7. It's free, and no guarantee it'll work OK in your car, but it might. As far as I know the loom is correct for any Alfa of the 156/147/GT generation, and some FIATs, with standard headunit. GROM sell looms for other makes/models.

2. An aftermarket HID kit. This too was fitted to my car (147 facelift) when I bought it. It works fine, and is extremely bright, I just didn't like it. It's plug-and-play, the only alteration to the car is a hole has to be made in the rubber bulb cover so the wire can be fed through. You also need to mount the ballasts somewhere, but there are plenty of bolts and screwheads in the engine bay. The bulbs are the shielded H7R type, which replace the H7 halogen dips.

Although extremely bright, and passed 2 MOT's in 2016 and 2016, I thought the beam pattern was uneven and with too much spill. Worse, though, was that the dips were so much brighter than the halogen main-beams that they made it harder to see where I was going on unlit country roads. I removed the HID's and stuck Philips Extreme 130's in both dip and MB. Not as bright, but I preferred them. The HID kit has also sat in a box for 18m.

If anyone wants either or both, PM me or email tonysleep-at-halftone-co-uk


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