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Hi Guys :thumbs:

Bit of a long story, but the upshot is I am "competing" in a corporate games event being held in Leeds this weekend in Go-Karting :cool:

One of my team of 4 has dropped out so there is a place going spare.
All costs are taken care of (including overnight accommodation at the Holiday Inn at Clarence Dock if you so desire). The only expense for you would be travel costs to/from the venue.

Format: Endurance Racing in a team of 4
Location: Pole Position Indoor Karting in Leeds
Date (registration): Thursday evening (7pm to 10pm) - you have to come and do this in person unfortunately.
Dates Racing: Friday, Saturday & Sunday (depending on how well we do ;))
Race Times: TBC atthe Thursday evening registration, but unlikely to go past 5pm in the afternoon.

You can also compete in Individual event too if you want!! :cool:

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU'RE INTERESTED and I'll pm over some more details etc.

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