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I have to say hand on heart, I haven't had any issues with owning my latest 156 over the past ten months. It has been truly faultless....
However, this morning after a really cold night, I started the car with a very worrying clatter coming from the top end:cry:
Must have been a hydraulic lifter not charging although initially I was expecting the worse like cambelt had jumped a tooth:confused:

It also must have been Kismet..... The "know it all" neighbour had come out to see what all the noise was? You know the type, the BMW 325ci owner who loves nothing more than to put Alfa's down as being "unreliable":rolleyes:
He proceeded by telling me that his top end went on him two weeks before Christmas and it sounded exactly the same, "cost me £1400 to get it sorted" he chirped:rolleyes:

I turned the engine off , popped into the house to read the free fix for hydraulic lifters on the forum an came back out.
He was still there waiting like a hungry wolf in a sheep pen to make snide remarks about "how I should have bought German this time"
I replied with "Really.... £1400 it cost you? watch this!";)

the engine was quite warm by now so I followed the 15 second tip gradually building up the revs to 3000rpm and then letting it idle for a further 15 seconds.... I repeated the cycle three more times then all of a sudden that silky smooth V6 note came back on song, no more clatter, just a lovely hum and burble, the VLA had obviously been starved for a short time:D
It worked a treat!

The best thing was the look on my neighbours face when I said "that was free, you should have bought Italian last time":lol::lol::lol::lol::thumbs:

I did a full fault check, fluid check and also did a throttle reset proceedure for good measure
The beasty is running better than ever so must have being a little poorly for a while without me noticing the difference... God I love my Alfa, and I love free fixes even better:thumbs:

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this isnt the original post on this fix but offers the basic info and does work!! any ideas where the original post on this is
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