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Well i think i may have stumbled accross a decent 155 at last! Relatively low mileage (60 K) on a P plate 2.0 with all the toys on it, air con, elec everything etc.

I have a couple of questions... the bumpers and door mirriors have been completely colour coded to the car.. nice pinky 130 red. However the paint is starting to crack and peel in places where the bumper tops should be black. Is is easy to repair or shall i just replace the bumpers with a couple from a scrap yard?

Also, I noticed that the front bumper is slightly out of line on the near side, making it protrude into the wheel arch about 10 mm or so with a corresponding scrape in the bumper where it's obviously been dinged! Is this easy to adjust.. if so how?

And finally the instrument pod surround has been scratched too. Is this available as a seperate part is would it be a complete new dash??

Generally the car is untidy and needs a bit of TLC to get it looking it's best. Some of the paint has faded slightly from it being stood for a few months, although not too bad just yet. No doubt it will need a thourogh service too.. probably not had the belts/variator done either so anyone know of a decent specialist in Notts/Derbys/South yorks?

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BIG welcome :D:D:D

Peak Alfa in Castleton or another near Derby who name escapes me at the moment :rolleyes:

Binnacle is one piece...sorry!

Bumper should be easy to realign, there is a large plastic "guide" on each side upon which the bumper slides.

Paint...sound s like a respray for the bumpers or replacement.


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Cheers for the reply chaps... going to take another look at it today and take it for a spin.

The bumpers won't be good to repair as the paint is completely lifting in pieces... I've seen Marlon is scrapping his silverstone which is the same colour so may end up getting a couple of bumpers from him if i get this car...

Wrinx... don't suppose you have the address/number for peak Alfa?? It's a bit of a drive for me to get there but a good excuse for thrashing around the lanes :D :D

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Didn't buy the one i looked at... did a HPI check and it had finance outstanding on it! Porbably the best 30 quid i have ever spent :)

Have looked at another one.. which was described as "Immaculate" when i checked it over it had clearly been arse ended and had a paint job that looked like it had been done by a 2 year old with a yard brush :lol: Not to mention every panel had a dent, scratch or ding in it!

Needless to say i politely walked away in a huff!

So still looking.... Anyone got a 96 widebody V6 going cheap?
Or a 2.0 with Aircon/sportpack???

*watches tumbleweed drifting past the window*

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Thanks for those details Wrinx... Thats actually not too far, and i have driven down the main A623 road nearby many times with a large grin on my face when taking the car out for a spin! :cool:

As i say I'm in no rush to get another 155.. just biding my time until i get the right one!
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