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I found some short shifter kits in japan, made in japan, only sold in japan.
once i traced the parts number i found kits for most fiat era cars. i decided to buy some to share to the community just in case they ran out or discontinued the kits. Now is your chance to buy something very few people have seen outside of Japan.
Made by Clos

Kits are 40-50% shorter throw and pretty easy instructions even with kanji instruction the picture does justice on what to do.
Pictures of what is inside the boxes + instructions: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

The money goes back into my car, im taking a 2300+ mile euro tour from Norway to the UK stopping by Germany and the Netherlands and perhaps a lot more. Doing a Cam upgrade + belts + big brake upgrade.

1 left: 155 V6 and GTV TB: 200 quid

2 left 156/TS/JTS/V6/GTA: 200 quid

1 left 145TS/155TS/GTV TS and Spider TS: 200 quid

i can send it no problem 30 quid recorded or 10 quid not recorded, all done with the forums classified section if you wish.
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