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I have 1 Alfa Romeo 17" accessory / special edition alloy, brand new and boxed (although the box is well tatty now as the wheel has been stored for 5 or 6 years!)

The wheel is a very rare wheel and will only be suited to those who may have a kerbed wheel and are struggling to find a replacement. Indeed, I purchased this as someone cut across me, forcing me into a kerb and at the time I couldn't live with the slight dent, but I kept putting off having it fitted and I soon learnt to live with it, especially as the wheel was still perfectly balanced and caused no problems - then the car was sold about 3 years ago.

The particulars of the wheel are as follows:

Genuine Alfa Romeo wheel, but branded "Toora"
Part number 50901079
ET 40.5

Looking for around £80.00 ONO (pick up or arrange a courier, or I can look at a courier for this at cost.

Pics below:

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