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Hi all firstly i apologise if this in in the wrong thread, i'm not used to the new layout :)
anyway as the title says i have to relcutantly sell my Alfa it has a fuel leak from the ducting box and i needed to be back on the road immediatley so have had to buy another car :( (thoug i am still trying to source a replacement part).
the car runs great otherwise recently had all belts changed and water pump, starter motor, turbo recon, alternator amongst various other bits which i cannot recall right now lol. full Tan leather interior and supersport wheels in black all refurbed. its on 138000 miles and i will suplly pictures to anyone that is interested. i wanted to give first options to alfa enthusiasts as i'd hate to think of the car just being scrapped, i would have kept it myself but i do not have space for 2 cars sadly.. i am open to offers on it.
once again sorry if this in the wrong place and if any admins wish to put this post where it belongs i would be grateful :)
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