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Hi all, greeting! A new Alfa GTV 3.0 V6 RHD (MY2001) owner here. :beer:

I’ve been trying to fix my fog light as it is not turning on and neither do the light on Dash board, it is off after pressing the button. I googled and looked thru most of the old threads and found some clues and downloaded the repair manual. However there are still something I could not sort out.

I checked the F16 Fuse which is working fine. And from the repair manual, I know that the relay for the Phase 2 GTV is numbered I17 and it is 20A black base. It said that the relay is “on the auxiliary bracket outside the main fuse box”. I can't find that specific bracket with the relay but I only found 3 other relays which are 50A and all black based closer to the driver’s knee direction.

Also knowing that the earth G53a could be one of the reason from previous threads, can someone point me to where this earthing is located? Is it inside the black plastic cover near the head light?

Does anyone know where can I download a pdf owner handbook of the GTV? (not the repair manual). Seems like there are some pages which would show these relay location better than the repair manual.

*My rear fog guard are ok, both the light on the dash and actual lights could be turned on.


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As the light in the dashboard don't turn on it must be related to the relay I17.
So either this relay is broken or it don't engage when you push the button.

Have you tried to engaged the fog light with the engine is running to hear if the relay is clicking?
The relay should be located on a bracket near the fuse box.

Have you tried to check fuse F4. This will be the fuse used in cars after October 2000
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