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Flexible Bushing of Engine Stay Rod, Anchor Bracket.

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Im due to have my new Longlife rear section fabricated to my Ragazzon centre section tomorrow, so! I have had the exhaust rattle of late and after a good blast i can hear the rear section rattling against the heat shield and i do feel quite chav-ish at traffic lights:(

Anyways, i have been looking around the threads and i see that V6's have trouble with engine mounts as it causes vibration and exhaust rattle and ultimately destruction. So! i have a twinnie Spider P1 spider and have been reckoning that i may have this issue?

Have been on the Alfa 'Technical Service Manual' / Volume 1/Pg 124 of 788 and the mount that i can identify is the 'Flexible Bushing of Engine Stay Rod Anchor Bracket' :confused:

Is this what i should be looking for? Is it prone to failure? Does the V6 engine rocking test identify problems with it? Is there anywhere else that i should inspect?
:lol: Apoligies for all the questions.:)

PS: My exhaust that is to come off the car is two years old and has snapped the pipes at where they join silencers on rear and middle sections and it looks as if engine movement has done this as the sections are in good condition otherwise!
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Engine rocking tends to damage the downpipes and the front flexi joint, not cause cracking further down the system - but you can easily check by simply getting someone to watch the engine for movement whilst you let the clutch up (gently) in 1st gear with the handbrake on - as the car tries to move you'll see how much movement there is in the engine and whether the top steady bar bushes are worn....
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