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:inlove: The Mac!!!

Gig of the year, my mates got SO excited they wrote me a little, er, special thing:

RUMOUR has it that your DREAMS will come true this Christmas. Don't GO YOUR OWN WAY, just go along with this CHAIN of events. These people will provide us with the night of our lives, and even if they DONT, STOP worrying we'll all get ****ed. I DONT WANT TO KNOW if you're not impressed with this present, just tell me sweet LITTLE LIES and pretend you love it. It will be more exciting for dad than getting an ALBATROSS in golf, and better for mum than seeing blackpool beat FLEETWOOD in the cup. They're touring EVERYWHERE, but for one night only, they're coming to Bilston.........


FLEETWOOD BAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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