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Have suffered a flat battery twice in a week in my GTV 2.0. Nothing obvious, no boot light on, stereo off, no alarm fitted etc. Then I remembered, the other night the interior light stopped working, so I poked the buttons as you do and put it down to a failed bulb :rolleyes:
Well, I removed the bulb and put a meter across it as it didnt look blown and it made a circuit. :confused: So I put 12v thro it from a battery & it didnt light :confused::confused:
It turns out that it has failed to the point it wont light but it still makes a circuit and carries a current, and I'd left it switched on with my vigorous button presses :lol:
Anyone want to buy a used battery thats perfectly fine coz I aint taking the new (unessesary) one out again :rant: My backs still killing me !! ;):D
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