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Hello from Perth, Western Australia.
I have been an Alfa owner for quite a while, including:
- 1976 Alfetta GT - Sold.
- 1983 Alfasud Super 1.5 4 door - Sold.
- 1984 Alfetta GCL Sedan - Written off in an accident.
- 1984 Alfa Spider 2.0 - currently owned and used as daily driver (very reliably).
- 1987 Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.5 - In the process of restoration - it's in pieces at the moment waiting for painting to be finished as money becomes available.

Are there any other Sprint owners in Perth who can offer guidance and advice when I start to reassemble the car? One part I know will be difficult to replace are the rear window winding mechanisms which have been rusted to the point where the gear sprockets don't engage properly.
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