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My Milano 2.2 diesel had its first issue 3 weeks ago. It is now 1 year and 8 months old and has done 61,200 miles, I am still excited to drive it everyday too. I change the oil every 10k miles and all the filters once a year. My best mpg on a tank full is 62 mpg.

After a 25 mile drive I stopped at a roundabout near to home and noticed a whisp of smoke/coolant, no warning lights and coolant warnings. On arrival at home I opened the bonnet and could smell coolant and steam coming from the back of the engine and drips underneath. The coolant bottle level was ok but the charge cooler tank at the front of the engine bay was low.

It was a Sunday so I called the dealer and spoke to the salesman who sold me the car, he is the most helpful salesman I have ever met. He said call Alfa Assist which I did. They said they would send a Tech out to look at the car. After a few calls updating me of his arrival they said that he would not be able to make it that evening so they organised the car to be collected from my home address within a couple of hours and also organised an Enterprise Courtesy car for me. Enterprise struggled to get me a car as it was a Sunday night and the nearest car was in Slough 40 odd miles away. They said they could get a car to me at 07:00 am but I said that would be to late as I leave for work at 06:00 am. Don't worry we will send a Taxi they said, my commute is 55 miles hence the high mileage on my car. I said it is ok I have a car I can use but will need another car as my second car is not practical (VX220 Turbo), Don't worry we will get a car to you Monday evening. It was a Jaguar F Pace so as like for like as they could get.

The leak was traced to the EGR valve but one of the parts was on back order. I ended up have the Jag for close to 3 weeks and got my Stelvio back yesterday.

Great service from Alfa Assist, Glyn Hopkins of St. Albans and Enterprise.

Although the F Pace was ok it was no Stelvio.
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