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big help needed, have noticed a 'whine' coming from the gear box in first and second gear, apparently my bearing is collapsing, now im no mechanic, but that is not good at all is it. what are the chances of permanent damage being caused, by non immediate replacement of brg. apart from a new gear box being needed.

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A Whine usually just means that a
bearing(s) is worn,gearboxes can
usually last thousands and thousands
of miles with this noise as there quite
robust and take a lot of abuse.
Obviouslly don't quote me on this
if yours gos t*ts up eek!
but what i said above is normally
the case.

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My gear box has had a whirring noise for about the last 3 months.I think its the lay shaft bearing. £20 for the part £300 labour + a new clutch while the box is of ..... I'll put up with the noise it has got a little louder but not much. I just turn the c.d player up.
the joys of ALFA ownership= huge repair bills :D

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I`ll agree with the above mine whines in 1st 2nd and 3rd probably whines in the rest but i cant hear it for the engine :rolleyes:

It`s been doing whining for the last6 or 7 months which equates to about 15,000 miles so don`t really worry about it if it`s just started
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