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Hi as suggested at the registration I'm writing a short introduction.

I'm nowadays a happy Alfa 159 (1.9 jtdm) owner, thanks to my father who let me ineherit his car when he bought a new one, so I sold my old Volvo as fast as I could.

I should point out that I'm from sweden so please have patience if I'm writing something funny since I'm not a native english speaker.

I joined this forum since everytime I tried to search out information about the car, I ended up on this site and thought why not join in since everything you need to now about alfas seems to be available here.

I would clasify myself as a car enthusiast and like to do as much as I can myself and also modify my cars to my liking.
If anybody is intrested in what I'm doing with the car right now here's a short resumé of what has happened since I got it.

Soon after I got it I noticed the unpleasent sound of bearing noise in the transmission so I started gathering the parts needed, then I removed the gearbox and had a workshop do the internals in the box.
I had the subframe sandblasted and found some weakspots that got welded then painted and rustproofed.
Since this is quite a big job I also changed clutch and flywheel.
Everything came togheter and it was out on the roads for about a week until a spring broke.

I thought this was a good oppertunity for some more work so I have a kit of yellow konis and eibach springs thats going on the car, I also dissasembled the front wishbones and got some details sandblasted. Completly dissasembled the rear and sandblasted, painted and rustproofed it to.
Going to do the body itself to since the salted swedish roads aren't nice to cars.

Thats were I'm now, probably gonna do a chip and a egr/dpf removal when I'm finished.

I hope I didnt bore you with this wall of text!

Best regards / SchaaSchaa

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