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Hi guys. Been on the forum for quite a while and having passed on buying one a few times I sold my Z4 this week and bought a black 08 Brera 2.2 Prodrive from a fellow forum member. Had a 6 hour drive to the ferry to get back to Northern Ireland and am currently sitting relaxing after the long drive. Initially very impressed with the smoothness and relative comfort although I'm pretty stiff and sore after so long at the wheel.

49k on the clock and had timing chain and steering rack recently changed with the alloys having been refurbished and front end sprayed too. It will need some TLC but it's all cosmetic.

Couple of questions though- ordered a new gear knob as this one is a bit tatty. How do I get the knob off?
The mats are genuine Brera mats but they have two holes for clips but the car itself doesn't have any mounting clips. Any thoughts on this?

I'll get some pics up soon.


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