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Hi all

After many years of wanting an Alfa I have finally taken the plunge! Last Saturday p/ex'd my 2006 Volvo V50 and bought a shiny black 159 Lusso 1.9 JTDm. What can I say? I love him (definitely not a her)! A few gripes, mostly around the economy so far. Am managing 36mpg when the V50 would get 42mpg on the same route..... any economy feedback from owners of the same model would be appreciated!

Also in true Alfa style I have had a couple of rogue warning lights come on, and then disappear again! Does it bother me?! No chance. Every time I look at my new baby I smile - I LOVE that front end, so angry looking, yet the whole car is soooo stylish. Used to work for Audi and had a new shape A4 as a company car. Am left wondering why anyone who is remotely interested in cars would choose an A4 or 3 series over a 159! Are they mental?!

That is all - expect a few techie questions from me to appear in other areas shortly!
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