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Hi All,

Finally got my first Alfa Romeo after a string of BMW/Peugeot/Renault etc. Car is 2006 147 SE JTDm TI in met black and I'm loving it to death. I have driven a lot of cars but I've never got in a car for the first time and felt like I'd been driving it for years since I got in my 147.

Many people think I'm crazy as it needs some TLC and has no service history (yes, I know!) but I intend to spend some time on it over time starting with getting a good check over everything next week in terms of the important stuff (cam belt, water pump, engine, etc). I'll be taking it to an Alfa guy recommended to me in East Kilbride Tuesday and crossing my fingers.

I'm not mechanically minded but I would like to fix some of the minor things on the car (rusted front fogs, scuffed/scratched interior sections etc). Paint/bodywork is perfect just some visible signs of wear inside and the aformention rusting around front fogs.

I probably have around 100 questions (where to buy parts, can I get a new front mesh replacement for the bottom l/r sections of the front bumper that looks like the Collezione with the two horiz strips etc... the list is endless) so I'm going to start by doing a lot of forum searches... :)
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