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Please note, I know absolutely nothing about this. I'm just posting a notice that I received via an Alfa-based e-mail list.

50 FIAT 500s booked for Targa Florio Déja Vu

29 Oct. 5 Nov. 2016

The first fifty to book our fabulous two-centre trip to Sicily in late October can secure one of the 50 cute little retro rebirth racers from the Ferrari family for the exciting trek through the torturous mountain on our way to paying homage to the greatest road race in history – the Targa Florio.

We have booked these nimble little movers which are a joy to drive through the endless hairpins and the squeezed in streets of the medieval hilltop towns that we will be passing. Believe me you do not want anything larger!

What could be more suitable than one of these nifty little Italian runabouts when we tackle many of the seven hundred turns that the racers of yesteryear had to conquer on each of the eleven laps of the fourty-seven mile Circuite Piccolo delle Madonie?

Just €250 secures your 500 for the week and our latest calculations indicate that this luxury six-day treat will cost just €1,200 and €1,500 per. Person, depending upon the quality of room that you chose. Our educated calculations can not be completed just yet as some of the airline fares have yet to be published.

Registration package of €495 includes:

Three dinners with special guests and entertainment.

A spectacular run through the Sicilian mountains.

Targa Florio Day when you will drive the course and visit the museums. Free days to visit Mount Etna, the Godfather villages, shop or sun on the beach.

All the details and PayPal booking arrangements are on RPM Motorsport - Irish Rallying DVDs for sale by Ireland's #1 Motorsport TV Programme
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