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I know this may be a long shot but I have been told that the Fiat selespeed gearboxes and hydraulics are the same as Alfa's and was told to ask on here as I may get a better response... Here goes.

I have a 65 reg 1.4 Punto Grande semi automatic. Only done 22,000 k

In December a warning oil can light flashed on the dashboard and a message saying "Transmission see handbook" apeared on the LCD display. What this caused was a slight judder when going from 1st to 2nd gear and when the gear stick had been put into reverse. However, this only happened when the car had warmed up, it was perfect when the car was cold.
I took the car to a garage thinking the gear box oil needed changing. I had this changed, the problem still occurred. I then had it put on a diagnostics machine. This came up with an error code "P1744 Hydraulic circuit pressure sensor". The mechanics knew nothing about this as they had never seen a semi auto punto before. While they were changing the gearbox oil they noticed that the selespeed oil was a little low and that there was a few drops coming out.

I bought selespeed oil and topped that up. The problem still occurred and was getting worse. I took the car to another garage that thought that the clutch had gone because of the judder, but after looking at the gearbox didnt want to touch it. He told me my only option was to take it to a Fiat dealer and get a proper diagnostics test as this would show the exact problem.

I have now done this and have been quoted quite a ridiculous price... However, I now know the fault. They are saying it is the hydraulic control unit for the selespeed... However, this is intermittent and can probably be repaired. Unfortunately they do-not do repairs and would only be able to fit a new one. At the cost of around £900 just for the unit, I think I will try getting it repaired.

So, my big question is.... Does anyone know where I can get this repaired and have a new clutch fitted at the same time.
The Hydraulic unit is part number 100000055236177 and the clutch is qck9883
I am in the Manchester area of the UK.

I would be very very grateful if someone could help me with this.

Thank you.


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Hi Les, I'm afraid your in the wrong section of the forum mate. You need to post this sort of thing in the 'Technical' lounges, rather than the 'Technology & Gadgets' lounge. Easy mistake to make though ;)
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