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i`m lookin for infos on somebody using ferrari parts on a 2.0 TS engine, especially in a 156.
I read a lot about using some on a GTA or in a 2.5, but i found nothin for a 4-zylinder.
There is a guy in germany around Mannheim who told me about a injection kit, ever heard something similar? The guy won`t talk he only wants to sell for about 1600 €.
Are there throttle body or plenum somebody could use on the 2.0?
Allthough i`m doing mine on a budget, i have the head and the valves optimized, another camshaft, optimized exhaust and the intake with the tube from the GTA.
I also reworked the complete body of the engine and i am sure i forgot som minor things to mention.

I just wantet to know wether there would be some other things i could or even shoud do (budget!) bevor i have the ECU remapped.

I`be thankful for any infos you share with me

cheers Adam
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