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hello all.
how ironic that my first dip into this forum is on the subject of MM.
since i've just read another load of blood boiling tosh about FIA v FOTA, i thought i would seek the help of you guys in providing a bit of therapy/sanity.
SO, could you please let me know some or all of the following, on a scale of 0, low, medium, or high.
my answers are in the asterisks, obviously.

how do you rate Max Mosley's;

a) genuine interest in the future of F1? *0 - unless you factor in his ego*
b) understanding/care of the point of F1, from a motorsport perspective? *low*
c) respect for F1 teams and their knowledge of their own sport? *0*
d) respect for F1 drivers and their knowledge of their own sport? *0*
e) respect for F1 fans and their knowledge of their own sport? *0*
f) honesty? *0, based on feedback from 10/9/8 teams via FOTA*
g) openess? *medium - but he only preaches his own gospel*
h) popularity within the FIA hierarchy *0? though idea that he will 'retire quietly' after this most recent fiasco are a bit optimistic, methinks*

also, can anyone tell me why the FIA (aka MM) isn't trashing any other formula? after years of inflicting stupid, unpopular and contrived rule changes on F1, can't they/he turn their attentions elsewhere?
'for reasons of safety, Moto GP riders must not do that scary-tippy-corner-thing anymore.'
'for reasons of safety, the Le Mans 24 hour race shall take place over 2 days, and only during daylight hours.'

and so on...

really interested to hear your comments. :)
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