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I read today about a young chap who had, several years ago, as a teenager, decided it would be quite a wheeze to take a rabbit from the petting enclosure at his local zoo, and hoy it into the Alligators enclosure. Predictably the rabbit got short shrift from the Alligator, who is known to have been upset at the moral predicament he had been cast into, and wept himself to sleep for 2 nights.

Apparently the youth (now in his mid 20's) was banned from keeping animals, but has broken that order by breeding rats and keeping hamsters (though all seemed to be in good health and there was no evidence of a reptilian menu being constructed.

A couple of thoughts spring to mind. Firstly, the rabbit was supremely poor fare for an Alligator and also for a violently disturbed voyeur. For real entertainment he should have selected a Chimpanzee or perhaps an Ostrich if one was available.

Secondly, what sort of 26yr old skinhead keeps hamsters?
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