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Hi mate,

Yes I did, was having so much fun with my new "bella" on Monday that I forgot to post and last night the forum was down!

Anyway, First impressions

1) The looks, :wow: I realise that I'm biased but it does look stunning in the black and does turn heads, the 18" wheels are a perfect match and nicely fill the arches and I love the little chrome details.
2) The Handling, WOW; I knew it was going to be good but I was still impressed, with the q2 fitted it amazing at roundabouts and sticks at front like it was nailed there, the back end starts to step out rather playfully as I discovered near the limit, but still totally predictable. I've not really pushed it that hard yet but very confidence inspiring..
3) The ride, after 250k+ miles in "Floating Carpet" Rover 75s I new it was going to be a harder ride but it is still very civilised on motorways (which is were I spend a lot of time). Firm but very acceptable
4) Performance, engine very tight at the moment but will easily snap the head back of passengers in 2nd and 3rd so far..Very easy to suddenly end up doing 100+ (not helped by the fact the ton is in the same place as 85 on my Rover!).
5) Gearing, 6th is really only any use for the motorway and I found the gearing slightly less flexible than my 5 speed 75 CDti, but I guess this is pretty subjective and will depend on your driving style.

So Niggles so far:

1) The dash seems to be covered in what I thought to be dust marks but haven't been removed with light cleaning, there is probably half a dozen and its quite noticeable; One for the dealer I think..
2) The Bose stereo is a slight dissapointment, let down I think by the fairly rubbish Blaupunkt 937 head unit, this I suspect will be the first thing I'll change. Certainly no-where near as good a as my "cheap" £200 Sony head unit in the Rover..
3) The Fiat/Alfa Metablue Bluetooth car kit is terrible but I think that this may be down to the head unit, when it pairs their is a very loud screech and a lot of noise whist the call is running and experience is equally as unpleasant for the person on the other end of the phone. This is not really the fault of the Dealer or indeed the Car, I don't think that Alfa spent a lot of effort matching the kit to the head unit. I suspect that it may be an impedance problem and the sort of thing a strategically placed resistor might sort, but do I really want to be spending my time crawling around the inside of new car with a voltmeter? Probably not. To be fair I didn't "pay" for it but even so, something that I'll need to get sorted before I can use the car daily for work.

But Overally, I'm very, very happy with it. On Monday after I picked up the car I took it for a drive and stopped along the way and took some nice photos in some local fields. Upon discovering what I spent my Monday afternoon doing my wife was most derisory and called me a "Sad F******* W*****", but I don't care, I love it! :thumbs:

Anyway I'll post some more photos when I've resized them for the board!
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