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A genuinely pathetic response.

This has, in my experience, always been a forum where people enjoy cars of all shapes, sizes and origins, particularly in the section dedicated specifically to "General Motoring".

Yet again you have made the point that you seem to think that somehow those who are currently not Alfa Owners do not have a right to take part in this community. If you actually had any involvement in it and took the time to attend meets or perhaps build some genuine friendships with some of the people on here rather than snipe from the sidelines you'd see how wrong that view is.

The RSI thing was mildly amusing to start with.
I'd only start to worry if you had a pop at the Giulietta

Anyways, read this earlier on today. Price has obviously come down, it said £19.6m earlier. Lot of money for an old Merc
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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