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I'm brand new to the world of Alfa Romeo, although I've always thought they were the most beautiful cars on the road.

You just have to stop and watch them go by!

I've fallen for the new MiTo, got the brochure, had a sit in one and taken photos of to dream about.
It's seriously gorgeous from every angle, inside and out.
So the heart is won over, it's just my head that needs to get into gear.

And I've been going through read most of the comments to see what everyone else thinks of the MiTo, other than the 12 weeks wait and a few little niggles (but every car gets those) it seems very positive.
What I'd like to know is where are the best Alfa dealers are in the South of England and what are the problems people are getting with them.

And this does sound like a stupid question to ask on a Alfa Forum website, but does everyone recommend them?

As I said, my heart and eyes are won over.
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