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Ok so about 2 months ago I had my car recovered to a garage in Stokesley for the sump to be looked at and repaired. The garage got the car on a Tuesday and were unable to give me a loan car so i had to take leave from work.
The garage didn't call me at all during the week so I chased them on the Thursday. They still hadn't looked at the car!!! I chased them again on the Thursday afternoon and again hadn't looked at the car. I chased them on the Friday and they had looked and told me I needed a new sump (yes I had 'bounced' my car off the tarmac). They also said I needed a new oil level sensor as the one in wasn't working (well it did but ws intermitant). I couldn't afford teh £236 quoted for a new sump and informed them that it could be repaired - thus they already knew.
I called the company that they said they would use to repair the sump and was informed it would be £40. The new oil sensor was £26.

I eventually got the car back on the following Wednesday, 9 days after taking it in!!! When i got the car back I noticed that the innerwheel arch cover for the drivers side was in the passanger footwell along with the contents of my glovebox????!!!!! They had all gone for the evening and left my keys on the tyre so i could collect the car.
Later that night I was pulling out of a junction and heard something metal 'tinkle' along the road. Luckilly I found the object, a 4 inch bolt!! I returned to the garage the next day to complain about the bolt dropping out and asked them to find where it came from and put it in again. I figured out where it was from, bearing housing for the driveshaft on the back of the sump, and asked them to put it in. They did so and the mechanic also pointed out that the others were also loose!!!

I have had 2 invoices from the garage now asking for £236!!! Now I don't know about you but I think that is steep for the job!!! Especially seeing as how other problems have come to light since:
i) Also noticed that my sump was still leaking, but just a drip but still leaking!
ii) My exhaust is blowing where the down pipe connects to the mid section!
iii) Oil sensor is still doing what it was doing before and therefore didn't need replacing!

I have left numerous messages for the garage asking for them to call me so the car can go in once they have a loan car available - I eventually managed to get to speak to someone higher up a week ago and car is going in again this Wed. Even though I don't want to go back there but they have to be given a chance to fix the problems.

I still think that £236 for the work is expensive especially seeing as how they have done more good than bad and I had to take 6 days leave from work!!

What would you do under these circumstances? Do you think the bill is fair or out of order?
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