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Yes it is relatively conveniently, to start disconnecting the battery.

Then disconnect cables, hoses and wires that are connected to the engine/gearbox, mark them with a "flag" of masking tape where you write where they belong, it helps you a lot when the engine is put back, remove the front part of the exhaust system.

The thick cable that goes to the starter and alternator is best to loosen where it connects in its junction box on the left wing and the two thin wires that goes to the starter and alternator are easiest to disconnect on the connector who is under the black cover on the middle of the firewall.

Brake calipers loosen from wheel upright and is tied up onto the shock absorbers.

The ABS sensors can be tight in the wheel uprights so it is usually easiest to disconnecting them in the engine compartment and allowing them to remain in the wheel uprights.

Then it's just a matter of loosening tie rod ends and the bolts that hold shock absorber brackets and wheel uprights, bolts that hold the oil cooler, subframe, upper engine mount, and the two front / lower engine mounts to get the whole package out.

To get better access first remove front bumper and wheel arcs.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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