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ladies and gentleman place your bets!!

i have agreed to enter my little 147 into this Dublin event on the 25th March.

"Rolling Road Day in Westward Engineering in Enfield. Jap Vs Euro motors. Sat 25th March. Approx 9:30am til about 1/1:30pm.

60 euro per head but that includes small prizes for various categories incl a show n shine. So, won't be only highest power wins something. Looking for 10 Jap / 10 euro cars"

the finalised list is as follows, remember that the majority of the Japanese entries aren't standard but wish to guess who is going to win??

1. MR2 turbo
2. Skyline GTS
3. Supra
4. Legacy
5. 300zx
6. Mr2 Turbo
7. MR2 Turbo
8. MR2 turbo
9. GTS-t
10. Integra Type R

11. Jaguar XJR
12. MG ZT CDti
13. Saxo VTS
14. 911 turbo
15. 996
16. 911 (4s)
17. Noble M12
18. 147 GTA
19. 944 turbo
20. 944

i have a sneaking suspicion that my poor car, although Autodelta'd by March is going to be hopelessly outgunned!! :lol: perhaps one place above the saxo!! :cheese:

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My money's on the rice-burners. They'll bolt down their wastegates and get some temporary BIG boost. The 911 Turbo owners might be too sensible to do that.

Hope the GTA kicks some a*** though.. :D

Ralf S.

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wrinx said:
I'm surprised a certain 147 turbo isn't on the list.

between you and me (looks around) there's a saxo with 137 bhp, probably scared him off ;)

(pat, im joking fella!!)

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Most likely winner: Supra (since the Skyline is 'only' a GTS) :D
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