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Error 1-2-5-1 (control unit eprom) before install chip.

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hi guys,

last year I bought a chip from my friend, but today I install it, start engine and inyection light goes on... turn off, do the auto self test, and have this error.

but, I run with the car, and run more smooth, have a little more power, and don't pass nothing anormal... except, how promise my friend, the car now cut at more of 6.300rpm!! very pretty sound :p

are the chip a wrong version? need to remove battery and install again?

anybody was install chip have this problem? :confused:


(how can the ecu work if the error is on EPROM??)
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... and....

If... I buy a ECU from 155 1.8 TS 8v from 92/94, and install it with the chip on my 155 1.8 TS 8v from 95 (restyling model), can be work??


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David, I think you'll find the ECU's are the same for the 95 car and the earlier cars as they are the same engine.
Wrinx has said it really.....each chip is setup for a specific ECU number, not just the engine.
If you do buy an ECU, I have a Squadra chip for sale that'll work just fine ;)

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thanks for the replies!! :)

the chip, I think is wrong for my ecu... because I have this error :D :D

the chip... is not original.... don't have codes or serial, my friend said me this works fine with my ecu version and software! I suppoused this works correctly... but no!

marlon, price of your chip?? valid for this??

1 267 358 560

0 261 203 846



PD: I test the car... and BUF!!!

PD: If I search an older ECU, from 92/93 (first series from 155), and install it on my 155 from 95... can cause problems?


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I think my car is STUPID!! :cheese:

Age of you car?

If I fit one ECU from 1.8 Ts from same year from you car... and install the chip, works? or need change all sensors from inyection?
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